10 Dec 2020

Rail – Flinders Link Rail Bridge – SA


flinders link rail bridge

Key Highlights

Construction Dates: July 2019 – December 2020
Construction Value: $141 million
Client: Gateway South 

Project Details:

  • A 650-metre extension of the current Tonsley rail line, including an elevated single track over Sturt Road, Laffers Triangle and Main South Road, linking Flinders Medical Centre and Flinders University to the passenger rail network,
  • Construction of the new Flinders and Tonsley Railway Stations,
  • An Integrated shared pedestrian/cycle path adjacent the rail line from the new ramp located at the corner of Sturt Road and Birch Crescent to the new Flinders Station.
flinders link rail bridge

Services Supplied:

  • Survey Manager and 6 surveyors to provide survey support for all aspects of construction,
  • Senior surveyor with 10 years structures experience to model, set-out and monitor all structural bridge elements,
  • Laser scanning of all headstock reinforcement structures prior to installation to check concrete clearance tolerances,
  • Rail trolley use daily for slab track and ballast track set-out and conformance,
  • Laser scan entire completed rail corridor for kinematic envelope clearance reporting.