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About Laser Scanning

Accurate.  Fast.
Cost Effective.

At ESO, we pride ourselves in being adopters of the latest technology when its use demonstrates significant benefits to our clients.

Laser Scanning is just one example of the technology ESO Surveyors uses in order to provide accurate, efficient and effective digital solutions for our clients and their projects.

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Millions of Points of Data

Large Scale Data Capture

At ESO Surveyors we can efficiently capture kilometres of data with our static and vehicle-mounted laser scanners to assist with designers’ tight timelines.

Our laser scanning services save our client’s costs on traffic control and rail corridor occupancy.



Laser Scanning

When there is No Other Way

Capture the Traditionally Impossible

ESO Surveyors’ laser scanning services will get you that critical 3D data that you thought was impossible to obtain by traditional survey. Scanning can eliminate the need for human entry into hazardous or difficult-to-reach environments.

Confined spaces present significant safety risks to workers, but with scanning technology these risks are minimised.



Laser Scanning

In the Building Environment

Scans to BIM

At ESO Surveyors not only can we supply millions of XYZ co-ordinated points of architectural features, but we can model the scanned surface in software such as Revit Structure for incorporation into project BIM environments. Surface models can be used to facilitate construction planning, design, analysis, maintenance, and operations.

Laser Scanning

Check Before It Can’t Be Fixed

As Built Structural Elements

At ESO Surveyors we use laser scanners to check partially constructed or fabricated structures, and at different stages of their construction.

Scanning technology provides the manufacturer or constructor with complete as-built data which is presented in an easy-to-understand way which can then be compared to the original design drawings to identify any discrepancies or deviations that may have occurred during construction. This information can then be used to make informed decisions about maintenance, repair, or retrofitting of the structure.



ESO Laser scanning - Z+F and RTC + Construction phases monitoring_Moment1

Complete Project Scans

A Record of What’s Been Built

At ESO Surveyors, some of our clients are now requesting laser scanning of their entire completed projects as a permanent internal 3D record that the building has been constructed to design dimensions.

This data of as-built conditions can also be used for a range of other purposes, including future planning, renovations, and modifications.



Glenroy Intersection Post-model wiev 1_1

Decluttering the Data

Infrastructure 3D Modelling

At ESO Surveyors we can deliver extensive point cloud data to clients in E57 or Las format. We “clean up” the data by removing traffic, people and construction plant in 3D Reshaper software.

For clients who don’t have the software to access and work on the point cloud, we supply access to your project on the Pointerra viewing platform which allows any client to view the 3D data and extract measurements and areas. Using Topodot software, we can extract 3D linework from the point cloud and supply to our design clients for easy import into any CAD package.




Safe Scanning

Earthworks Surveying

At ESO Surveyors, our earthworks contractors love the quick and safe way we can survey stockpiles and excavations for volumes and conformance.

This non-contact and high accuracy method of data capture can provide quick reporting whilst minimising risk of injury.

You can’t sink into a stockpile if you’re not on it!

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