25 Sep 2020

Rail – Torrens Rail Junction – SA


LOR-Torrens Rail Junction (001

Key Highlights

Construction dates: December 2016 – March 2018
Construction value: $450 million

Project details:

  • Lowering the rail corridor for a length of 1.5kms,

  • Three pedestrian bridges,

  • Two road overpasses,

  • New railway station,

  • Revetment/piled walls (within rail corridor),

  • New rail overpass.

LOR-Torrens Rail Junction (001

Services supplied:

  • Survey management and all survey resourcing, including up to 25 surveyors/teams,
  • 5 month rail occupation working 24 hours, 7 days per week,
  • Terrestrial laser scan of corridor,
  • Clearance report generated by comparing scan data of as-built elements to the kinematic envelope of the track,
  • Monitoring all revetment walls on a daily basis throughout the construction program and 6 monthly after the practical completion,
  • Rail trolley used set up and tamping of rail track, allowing us to deliver rail conformance report.